“Statement on International Peace Day 2020”


1 month ago

Sr.No. 1/2020
Date: 21st September 2020
“Statement on International Peace Day 2020”
In the midst of decades of civil war and political conflict in Burma, countless human rights abuses have taken place. Among these human rights abuses, the extrajudicial killings by government authorities were numerous and one of the worst. This is because extrajudicial killings directly violate the fundamental right of every human being, and Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
During the current decade of democratic transition, journalist Ko Par Gyi was killed. Two schoolteachers were raped and killed in Kachin State, civilians were arrested and killed in northern Shan State, and Daw Khin Win, a farmer from Letpadaung area, was shot dead. There were no taking actions or giving punishment on perpetrators who committed the killings.
In recent years, mass killings of Rohingya civilians and it have been specified as committing genocide by international community. Similarly, a large number of extrajudicial killings continue throughout the country, especially in areas of civil war, with the highest number occurring in Rakhine State.
According to Generation Wave documentation record, there have been at least 80 extrajudicial killings from September 2019 to the present. These numbers were documented by monitoring on media and there can be higher.
According to documentation, the most common form of these extrajudicial killings were killings or killings on the spot, on suspicion of being linked to or supporting an armed groups that opposes the government and the military or missing of reporting to authorities.
Another violation that often accompanies with extrajudicial killings is that the perpetrators are having impunity. The reason is that the main perpetrators of the extrajudicial killings are government authorities and the armed forces and they often hide their excuses for reasons such as rule of law, peace and stability.
Moreover, impunity lead to giving perpetrators the opportunity to commit extrajudicial killings again and leaving victims without hope for justice and a serious threat to their lives. Without security for the people and lack of justice, it will not be possible to establish a peaceful, independent and prosperous federal democratic country.
Therefore, to all related stakeholders, Generation Wave demands on today, 21 September 2020, International Day of Peace, to stop the ongoing extra judicial killings, to end the impunity of the perpetrators and to stop civil war immediately in the country.
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